Do you have less time left to plan your estate? Don’t want your family to get quarreled over your assets? SCG Advisor can help! We are a group of certified financial advisors in Honolulu working round the clock to make sure your estate is taken good care of in even the most unfortunate situations.

When you have multiple heirs, proper estate planning becomes a hard nut to crack. Without a professional estate planner, your heirs might bear the consequences of unjust estate planning. If you want to make sure all your heirs get what they deserve if something bad happens to you, get our services!

At SCG Advisor, we provide you with professional estate planning in Honolulu. We protect your property and other assets from being eroded or misused and make sure everything is handled exactly how you want it to. Our services encompass different sorts of legal cases and needs, such as:

  1. Legacy planning: making will or testament
  2. Trust services
  3. Tax-reduction strategies

Legacy Planning: Making Will Or Testament

We help you plan your last will and testament! Our professional estate planning lawyer in Honolulu will guide you about the best possible ways to distribute your estate among all beneficiaries and the people who matter to you. We also work with the people who do not rely on the state and other authorities for distributing the assets evenly and rightfully.

Are you concerned about your kids? With us, you can also select the right guardian for your young children left all alone in this cruel world. Besides our testament services, we effectively manage the estate and ensure all the rightful heirs get their maximum share possible.

Trust Services

Multitudes of trust services are there to legally protect your estate, you, and the rightful heir to your assets. These trusts can help you distribute the estate rightly. We can help you create trusts—governed by reliable managers—responsible to steer your assets in the best direction. We have worked with our clients to create meaningful trust simplifying and streamlining their estate planning services. You can choose the type of trust you want, such as irrevocable trust, testamentary trust, living trust, and special needs trust.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Taxes can reduce a fair share of what your beneficiaries about going to receive. We help you reduce the tax applicable to your estate. We can provide you with customized solutions to make sure you escape the taxes successfully. Our years of experience working in the industry has allowed us to provide our clients with proper guidance and consultation the taxes.

Our services are not limited to providing basic financial or estate planning in Honolulu, but we go all out to make your last moment in their world tension-free. Our focus at SCG Advisor is to make sure your estate plan is executed well whenever required. We take care of all the documentation and formalities, while you spend quality time with your family and friends. Contact us today to get a free consultation!


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