Segawa Consulting Group, LLC. is a financial planning and wealth management firm dedicated to providing members and clients exceptional personal service and professional investment advice.

We review and monitor your current estate, retirement, and long-term financial objectives while providing guidance as needed.


We manage your wealth by defining your goals, reviewing your assets, analyzing your needs, providing recommendations, while monitoring and tracking your progress. We continue to work with you to refine and revise your goals along the way.


Do you know what to look forward to financially? If you could see how your choices today affect your financial future, imagine the advantage you would have. When you understand what you have and what you are worth, you are able to make better informed decisions about what to do with your wealth.

Creative Planning

We use creative planning to help you reach your goals. Our strategies show how your resources could benefit you and your loved ones.


We continually review your portfolio to assess where you are and rebalance according to where you want to be.