Are you on the verge of retirement waiting for your first pension? Do you have insufficient savings to have a dreamy retirement? If yes, then Segawa Consulting Group Advisor can offer you a comprehensive retirement planning to capitalize on. Our extremely experienced and well-versed advisors will provide you a run-down of all the aspects of retirement planning.

What drives our retirement plan is our promise to provide the would-be or present retiree with maximum income. We will start by arranging a pre-retirement session to discuss your aspirations and objectives regarding your retirement. While helping you make informed decisions regarding the retirement and pensions, we also structure your financial dealings to make the experience as hassle-free and interesting as possible.

Customized Retirement Strategies In Honolulu

If you are going to retire in the upcoming months or years, you can avail our retirement planning services to decide the best ways to maximize pension benefits and if required tweak the investment income to multiply your gains. Once it is done, we’ll review your progress regularly and make sure you are capitalizing on the retirement planning service you have received from us.

We ensure transparent and simple advice across all your fluctuating circumstances. Rather than delivering the service, our retirement plan advisors in Honolulu focus on forging strong bonds with our customers and providing them a hassle-free experience. Our processes and practices will help you understand the financial decisions you need to make in order to accomplish your retirement goals. Besides, we’ll also keep you updated about your progress towards your objectives.

Enjoy Financial Freedom With Retirement Plans For Individuals

Whether it is traveling around the world or buying the car you have always dreamt of having, when you work with our people, you do not need to sacrifice any of your after-retirement-luxuries. We help you save big for the future. Since we believe that retirement is not solely about pensions, we will analyze the assets before we devise the right retirement plan for individuals in Honolulu or providing any advice. We providing custom pricing solutions to our clients depending on their needs and budget. You can start with having a free consultation session and then decide on the package that will best suit your demands and cover all your needs.

Are You Ready For Retirement Planning?

If you are planning to retire soon, you need to make up your mind about how you are going to get the maximum income from your pension fund. Many of the people believe that the pension funds will start to pay out the moment we retire. However, the fact is that you will first need to decide where you want to invest your pension fund and how you will draw your income. If you have already started a pension, we’ll review your existing plan and advise you if it requires any change.

If you are looking for a retirement planning company in Honolulu, do not hold back from connecting with us by dialing (808) 695-6200.


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